Cosmology Seminar: Bililign T. Dullo - "Radio scaling relations and galaxy environment"

Dr. Bililign T. Dullo from Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Connecting nuclear activities to bulge properties of active and inactive nearby galaxies: radio scaling relations and galaxy environment

Multi-wavelength studies indicate that nuclear activity and bulge properties in nearby galaxies are closely related, but the details remain unclear. While optical structural analysis and study of the nuclear radio emission in nearby galaxies have a long history, astronomers have only recently been able to perform accurate, multi-component galaxy structural decompositions and to detect parsec-scale radio emissions for a large sample of (LLAGN host) galaxies with the arrival of data, for example, from HST and e-MERLIN. I will give an overview of my recent work, carried out in the context of the `LeMMINGs' multi-wavelength campaign, on the link between the nuclear activities and bulge properties of active and inactive nearby galaxies. I will also present radio scaling relations, discuss the influence of the galaxy environment on the AGN activity and highlight the implication for host galaxy formation mechanisms.

Tags: Cosmology, Galaxies, Seminar
Published May 19, 2022 10:56 AM - Last modified May 25, 2022 9:16 AM