Casa, the Common Astronomy Software Applications package, is being developed by NRAO with the primary goal of supporting the data post-processing needs of the next generation of radio astronomical telescopes such as ALMA and VLA.


Casa is installed on all linux machines at the institute. To use the software you need to load a module.

Use module avail casa to see available versions

With Alma pipeline:

Use: module load casa/

ALMA Science Pipeline User’s Guide for Release 2021.2, CASA 6.2.1

Reference Manual 2021.2

2021.2 Release notes

With VLA pipeline:

Use: module load casa/6.1.0-118

Casa 6.1 documentation

6.1.0 Release notes

Without pipeline:

Use: module load casa/6.1.0-118 or module load casa/5.7.0-134

Casa 5.7/6.1 documentation

Release notes

NOTE: CASA 5.7 is based on Python 2, while CASA 6.1 is based on Python 3, but both contain the same functionality.

Older version with Alma pipeline:


Use: module load casa/5.4.0-70

Casa 5.4.0-70 documentation

Release notes

Older versions without pipeline:


Use: module load casa/4.6.0


Release notes


Use: module load casa/4.5.3


Release notes

By Torben Leifsen
Published Sep. 17, 2019 11:53 AM - Last modified Oct. 19, 2021 8:59 PM