Printing at ITA

New printers with card reader

ITA has now migrated to UiO’s new printing system. There are three Ricoh printers at the institute with card readers that can be used. With the new printing you have to use your ID card at one of the three printers to print your document.

NB: all ID cards must be registered in the new printing system!

  1. Print queues
  2. Available printers
  3. Mobile printing
  4. Printing history, quota, delete print job
  5. Print from terminal
  6. Print from Mac OS X
  7. Set up printers from laptops running Mac OS X
  8. Print from laptops running Linux 
  9. Print from laptops running Windows

Print queue

With the new printing system you no longer specify the printer you want to use. Instead you choose the queue "ricoh" (Windows and OSX) or "pullprint_Ricoh" (Linux), and you will be able to collect your printouts from any of the Institutes three printers using your ID card. The print queues should/will be installed on your desktops by the IT dept. at the institute. For printing from laptops, please see below.

Available printers

1st floor (1. etasje): print, copy, scan, stapling, hole punching, A3

2nd floor (2. etasje): print, copy, scan, stapling, hole punching, A3

4th floor (4. etasje): print, copy, scan

Mobile printing allows you to upload and print documents independently of the computer or operating system you are using. The following document types are supported: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP, TXT.  

Printing history, quota, delete print job

You can see your printing history by logging on to and navigate to the "Printing" tab.

Students have to pay for prints. To learn more, check out USITs pages in english or norwegian.

You can see list of pending print jobs, delete print jobs, manage PIN/PUK codes etc from SafeCom's web UI

Print from terminal

lpr -P pullprint_Ricoh <filename.pdf>

NB! The only supported file formats for printing from command line are PDF, PS and TXT (plain text documents).

For more options, see 'man lpr'. You can check the printer queue with

lpq -P pullprint_Ricoh


Print from Mac OS X

Select the printer queue "ricoh" when printing from your Mac:


Special printer features: stapling and punching

The printers on the 1st and 2nd floor are able to staple and punch, in various ways. First, select "Printer Features" from the pull-down menu that initially displays the application you sent the print command from:


Then select the "General 3" feature set, and select how you want your document to be stapled and/or punched:


Set up printers on laptops running Mac OSX

Follow USIT's guide.

If you want to use the stapling and punching, you need to specify which printer model you are going to use. From the "Use" menu, select "Select Software...":

Then find the driver to Ricoh Aficio MP C4502A PS and click "OK".

Then click "Add". A set-up window will appear, and there you will need to modify "Option Tray", "Internal Tray 2" and "Finisher":

Print from laptop running Linux

Follow USIT's guide

Print from laptop running Windows

Follow USIT's guide



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