Downtime 7/7 - 8/7

We need some downtime in the server rooms July 7. - 8. to do maintenance.


08.07.22, 23:35 Work on Infiniband complete. Workstations and compute nodes up. Some problems on owl23 and pleiades19. Login enabled.

08.07.22, 18:30 Tape integration complete. Work on Infiniband up next.

07.07.22, 20:20 Shutdown complete

07.07.22, 19.00 Starting shutdown


All compute nodes and workstations will be unavailable.

During the downtime we will:

  • Integrate new tape robots in the storage system
  • Do maintenance and upgrades on Infiniband switches
  • Expand the 200 Gb Infiniband stack with new switches
  • Do some reconfigurations in the storage system

We will start shutdown at 19.00 on Thursday July 7.

We have Saturday July 9. as a backup in case of problems, but don't expect to need it.

You will not be able to log on to the system from Thursday evening through Friday. Email will be available as normal

At the moment we do not have a detailed schedule for the work. We will get back with more detailed plans closer to the downtime. 

By Torben Leifsen
Published June 20, 2022 8:39 AM - Last modified July 8, 2022 11:38 PM