ITA student council (AFU)

General info

The ITA student council (AFU) is the formal organization for students at the institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (ITA), at the University of Oslo.

We safeguard the interests of students at the institute by sending representatives to the department board, and by bringing relevant issues further up the system to the Mathematics and Natural Sciences student council (MNSU) at the faculty level. We also have representatives in the programme board for the Master's programme in Astronomy, and the Bachelor's programme in Physics, astronomy and meteorolgy (FAM).

Since ITA is a small institute, we have no separate institute union. Therefore AFU organizes social events from time to time such as game nights, etc.

Any questions can be sent to us via e-mail:


We have regular social events, which include Basement Coffee, film and game nights.

Dates and information on upcoming events can be found under events.

Basement coffee:

Basement Coffee takes place in the Stjernekjelleren (the basement), where we offer coffee, hot water for tea and refreshments. All PhDs, postdocs and professors are welcome, this is a golden opportunity for students and staff to socialize. Feel free to bring your own lunch.

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