AFU meeting 16.11.2020

AFU meeting Monday 16.11.20

Leader of meeting - Approved
Summon - Approved
Agenda - Approved
Coffee - Approved - Question about what happens if someone protests. 
Secretary - Approved


Mostly talk about that exams will be digital this autumn and next spring.

Have not had the meeting

Seating in the stellar cellar:
Seems to be working fine as it is now, let each other know if someone is not attending on their days, so that other people may sit there. It has generally been few people sitting there.
The first graders will get to sit there at least the entire week before the exam, week 51.

We have used 3000 NOK and have approximately 6000 NOK in 6 months, and a bit more since we did not use much money last semester.
PS5 is suggested.
We also have some more money if we pawn bottles.
The thing with the coffee machine is fixed.
"We can buy Among Us for everyone" is suggested.
Anyone speak up if you have any good idea for what the money can be used for.

Cabin trip:
Maybe we can have a cabin trip in the spring.
The cabin should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.
A trip with tents is also a possibility.

Social events:
Among Us was fun, must be repeated.
Crusader Kings was also fun.
Digital basement coffee is also a possibility.
It is mentioned that math has has digitale breakfasts, but it was not very successful.

Board meeting at ITA tomorrow, will update in the chat if anything important happens.


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