CBA annual report 2021

Centre for Biogeochemistry in the Anthropocene launches our annual report for 2021.
Download the report.

The annual report can be downloaded from here. In the annual report, you can read about recent studies of the CBA researchers, IPCC involvement, BioGov project, outreach activities, and more.

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Cover page of the CBA Annual Report 2021

CBA leader Dag O. Hessen writes this in 'State of affairs':

"2021 has been another year influenced by the covid pandemic. Thus, I am even prouder to conclude that the Centre for Biogeochemistry in the Anthropocene (CBA) has had a high level of activity and made important scientific contributions.

As will be evident from this report, we have been active on various arenas: we have given a large number of public talks, interviews, media performances, projects and applications - and published a list of strong papers.

CBA staff has also contributed two popular science books, “Brennmanet-effekten” (on loss of nature, by Lene Liebe Delsett) and “Liv” (on the origin of life, by Dag Hessen), as well as a separate issue of the popular science magazine “Naturen”, presenting the research we perform at CBA. We managed to arrange the annual meeting physically in Drøbak in late fall, just before the omicron variant caused stronger restrictions and again forced life in a more digital direction."

The annual report will be printed on paper, and is available on request. 

Published Apr. 4, 2022 10:12 AM - Last modified Apr. 4, 2022 3:03 PM