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People at the centre

The people at CBA are diverse in disciplines, affiliations, and nationalities. This diversity is one of our major strengths and necessary to tackle the complex scientific challenges in Biogeochemistry.

Dag O. Hessen is the centre leader and is joined by Terje Koren Berntsen and Rolf D. Vogt in the leader group.  

Persons 1 - 52 of 52
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Elin Cecilie Ristorp Aas Aas, Elin Cecilie Ristorp Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855818
Picture of Kjetil Schanke Aas Aas, Kjetil Schanke Researcher +47 22844002 Meteorology
Picture of Rein Aasland Aasland, Rein Professor +47 22844563 92425456
Allesson, Lina Elisabeth
Picture of Elisabeth Alve Alve, Elisabeth Professor +47 22857333 Geology, Environmental geology, Micropalaeontology, Stratigraphy, Benthic foraminifera
Picture of Tom Andersen Andersen, Tom Professor +47 22854519 Dymaical modelling, Limnology, Ecosystem functioning, Biogeochemistry, Food webs, Biostatistics, Ecological stoichiometry, Biodiversity, Ecological regime shifts
Picture of Aleksandr Berezovski Berezovski, Aleksandr Doctoral Research Fellow +3725039420 +3725039420
Picture of Terje Koren Berntsen Berntsen, Terje Koren Professor +47 22858771 Meteorology, Climate-chemistry interactions, Climate Models, Black carbon
Picture of Sara Marie Blichner Blichner, Sara Marie +47 22855775 Meteorology
Picture of Katrine Borgå Borgå, Katrine Professor +47 22859156 +47 91588892 Ecotoxicology, Toxicology, Arctic, Polar, Aquatic ecology, trophic tracers, environmental contaminants, mechanistic modelling, multivariate statistics
Picture of Knut Breivik Breivik, Knut Professor II +47-63898000 Environmental analysis, Models, Organic contaminants, Persistent Organic Pollutants, POPs, Exposure, Environmental fate, Emission inventories, E-waste
Picture of Anders Bryn Bryn, Anders Førsteamanuensis +47 93039782 93039782 Folkeforskning, GIS, Klimatisk økologi, Kulturlandskap, Naturtyper, Tre- og skoggrenser, Utbredelsesmodellering, Vegetasjonskartlegging, Vegetasjonsøkologi
Picture of John Faulkner Burkhart Burkhart, John Faulkner Professor +47 96825011 Hydrology, Cryosphere, Energy challenges, Water resources management, Uncertainty analyses
Picture of Camille Marie Crapart Crapart, Camille Marie Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lene Liebe Delsett Delsett, Lene Liebe Seniorrådgiver +47 22851661 +4790134531
Picture of Alexander Eiler Eiler, Alexander Professor +47 22854527 Microbial Ecology, Microbial Evolution, Environmental DNA, Metagenomics, Bioinformatics, Experimental Evolution, Sweden, Finland, USA, Brazil
Picture of Dag Øistein Eriksen Eriksen, Dag Øistein Senior Adviser +47 22854964 Hydrometallurgy, tracers, isotopes, silicon, rare earth elements
Picture of Lars-Andre Erstad Erstad, Lars-Andre Doctoral Research Fellow
Fontaine, Laurent Doctoral Research Fellow Microbial ecology, Bioinformatics
Picture of William Martin Hagopian Hagopian, William Martin Senior Engineer
Picture of Thea Hatlen Heimdal Heimdal, Thea Hatlen Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855655
Picture of Helge Hellevang Hellevang, Helge Professor +47 22857026 Geology, Geochemistry, Gas-fluid-rock interactions, CO2 storage
Picture of Dag Olav Hessen Hessen, Dag Olav Professor +47 22854553 +4795037899
Picture of Jan David Heuschele Heuschele, Jan David Researcher
Picture of Alexander Håland Håland, Alexander Doctoral Research Fellow DNOM, Environmental Chemistry, PTR-MS, Environmental Analysis
Picture of Anne Hope Florine Jahren Jahren, Anne Hope Florine Researcher
Picture of Heidi Sjursen Konestabo Konestabo, Heidi Sjursen Senior Academic Librarian +47 41294973 +4741294973 Library, Teaching
Picture of Solveig  Kristensen Kristensen, Solveig Dekan +47 22854218 +47 40286574 Life science, Farmasi, Legemidler, Legemiddelteknologi, Legemiddelformulering, Legemiddelstabilitet, Lysstabilitet, Fotodynamisk terapi, Radiofarmasi, Nanoteknologi
Picture of Kirstin Krüger Krüger, Kirstin Professor +47 22855811 Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmosphere Ocean Interactions, Atmospheric physics, Climate-chemistry interactions, Climate, Climate change, Meteorology, Earth System
Picture of Marius Lambert Lambert, Marius Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855827 Arctic, Climate, Sea ice, Vegetation modelling, carbon cycle
Nadeau, Christina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Maja Nipen Nipen, Maja Doctoral Research Fellow 90776138
Picture of Jon Petter Omtvedt Omtvedt, Jon Petter Professor +47 22855439 Kjemi, Kjernekjemi, Kjerneenergi og stråling, Fysikk, Kjernefysikk: Kjerneenergi, Stråling, Detektorer, Syklotron, Kjernereaksjoner, Supertunge grunnstoff, Væske-væske ekstraksjon
Picture of Frans-Jan Parmentier Parmentier, Frans-Jan Researcher +47 22855814 Climate change, Carbon Cycle, Arctic ecosystems, Permafrost, Land surface modelling, Snow-Vegetation-Permafrost Interactions
Picture of Norbert Pirk Pirk, Norbert Researcher
Picture of Andrea Popp Popp, Andrea Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855936
Picture of Juditha Schmidt Schmidt, Juditha Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Sabrina Schultze Schultze, Sabrina PhD Research Fellow - Section for Aquatic Biology and Toxicology
Picture of Frode Stordal Stordal, Frode Professor Emeritus +47-22855204 +47-95178917 Meteorology, Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate-chemistry interactions, Atmosphere-hydrology-vegetation interactions, Climate extremes, Air pollution
Picture of Trude Storelvmo Storelvmo, Trude Professor +47 22855819 Atmospheric physics, Climate, Climate change, Meteorology
Picture of Henrik Hovland Svensen Svensen, Henrik Hovland Researcher +47 22856946 +47 93053870
Picture of Lena Merete Tallaksen Tallaksen, Lena Merete Professor +47 22857214 Hydrology, Hydrological modelling, Drought analyses, Hydroclimatology, Climate change
Picture of Nicolas Valiente Parra Valiente Parra, Nicolas Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854509 Biogeochemistry, Microbial Ecology, Limnology, Eutrophication, Environmental Chemistry
Picture of Rolf David Vogt Vogt, Rolf David Professor +47 22855696 +47 90615415 Physical chemistry, Climate change, Eutrophication, Aluminium, Biogeochemistry, Chemistry, Natural organic matter, Heavy metals, Acid Rain, Water pollution, China, Soil chemistry, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Chemistry
Picture of Ane Victoria Vollsnes Vollsnes, Ane Victoria Researcher +47 22854492 plant physiology, ecology, experimental biology, climate, controlled conditions, phenotypic plasticity, sub-arctic vegetation, tropospheric ozone
Picture of You-Ren Wang Wang, You-Ren Postdoctoral Fellow +4796699779 Biogeochemistry, Forest carbon uptake, MODIS remote sensing, ERA5-Land reanalysis, Global and regional warming
Wei, Jing Stipendiat
Picture of Sebastian Westermann Westermann, Sebastian Associate Professor +47 22855927
Picture of Armin Wisthaler Wisthaler, Armin Professor +47 22859139 Atmospheric Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, PTR-MS
Picture of Yeliz Yilmaz Yilmaz, Yeliz Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855723 Climate change, Hydroclimatology, Regional climate modelling, Land surface modelling, Satellite remote sensing, Climate extremes, Climate data analysis
Zweigel, Robin Benjamin
de Wit, Heleen Associate Professor