Andrea Jiménez Dalmaroni: Towards a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive physics education: from collaborative exams to interactive lectures

Physics education at university level aims to equip students with the necessary skills to take diverse careers paths successfully and adapt to demands of a 21st century society rapidly and effectively. We consider that this can only be achieved by incorporating research-based education innovations that have equity, diversity and inclusion at their heart. In this talk I will present a design of interactive lectures that contribute to a more equitable, diverse and inclusive classroom environment. This goes hand in hand with the design of alternative assessments such as collaborative exams. 

Collaborative exams not only can measure the previously gained learning, but also can be an optimal opportunity to produce new learning while reducing exam anxiety. We developed an inclusive approach for collaborative exams  adjusting the design to the individual learning requirements of the students. In addition, we encouraged students to become active participants in the exam format by incorporating student-generated content.

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Photo: Andrea Jiménez Dalmaroni

This presentation will discuss the outcomes on the student’s learning experience, the students’ perception on the educational design, and the gains in student self-efficacy and self-regulated learning within the framework of an active learning intermediate-level optics course.

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Dr. Andrea Jiménez Dalmaroni is a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University (CU) and an Honorary Associate Professor at University College London (UCL). She obtained her D.Phil. at the University of Oxford (2004), where she specialized in field theory techniques in non-equilibrium critical phenomena. After an extensive career in biophysics, her main interests are focused on physics education research. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK, and has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, Stanford University, and a Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Since 2017 she has been leading STEM education initiatives such as the IOP/Royal Society Physics Education for the 21st Century Conference series and the Active Futures in STEM Education workshop. Her work earned her the 2021 UCL Provost Education Award in the category Education Success for All, and the CU Excellence Award in Teaching and Scholarship 2021.

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