Dissemination, dialogue and communication through partnerships

The success of the centre depends on its ability to transform and transmit its practices to other fields and institutions, locally, nationally, and internationally. The centre has therefore developed dissemination plan based on research into how to best disseminate and spread excellent practices. 


The dissemination plan includes the following elements:

Learning material

New curricula require new learning material. The centre will establish an interactive web-based repository for teaching methods, lectures, exercises and exams with experiences and feedback from practitioners and students. An international textbook series will be published through a partnership with Springer. Research results on CSE approaches will be published internationally, presented at conferences by students and faculty, presented to university and government officials by Faculty leadership, and popularized for general media and blogs by students, faculty, and Faculty leaders. Experiences, results and methods will be presented at a yearly national workshop that will include systematic training of university teachers.

Internal dissemination

The centre will host regular research seminars, seminars on educational practices, and CSE workshops to educate leadership, teaching faculty and students. The centre will support teacher and student development projects to adapt approaches to new fields and establish scholarships for excellent students to work on CSE development or research projects of choice.

Extension to new programs at UiO

Extensions to new programs at the University of Oslo (UiO) will be organized through partnerships illustrated by the approach in biology:

  • Develop plans with leadership and senior faculty
  • Competent PhD students develop new materials and approaches in collaboration with seniors
  • Pilot courses are tested with biology students and adjusted and integrated into regular courses by faculty 
  • Regularly investigate and adjust approaches, and evaluate and review with leadership.

Extension to other institutions

Transition mechanisms will be developed through a pilot at the University College of Southeast Norway and then extended to other institutions.

International extensions

Internal extensions will be done with key international collaborators such as Michigan State University, and through our international platforms for educational and research partnerships.

School partnerships

The introduction of CSE may lead to new challenges for students as they transition from schools to university. We will therefore initiate studies of the transition process in partnerships with selected schools. For example, school classes with teachers can visit the university to work on a realistic, research-near project that integrates mathematics, computing, and physics taught by university teachers and student instructors, thus allowing us to address students and school teachers, in collaboration with the ProTed SFU at UiO.

Published Nov. 28, 2016 11:55 AM - Last modified Mar. 12, 2019 8:25 AM