Internal administrative routines

The travel account for PhD `s employed by the CEED-SFF or KD-PhD`s is 25 000 kr/year.

The travel account for Postdocs/Young Researchers employed by the CEED-SFF is 35 000 kr/year.

Additional costs have to covered by another source* or approved by the centre leader Trond H. Torsvik before you start the planning. Please keep in mind that CEED team leaders are preparing proposals for annual team budgets every year in the Autumn semester. If you plan attending a meeting/conference, need to visit a collaborator, work in a lab outside UiO, or have fieldwork, please consult your project leader or team leader to allow for activity prioritising and budgeting in due time.

For all other PhD`s/Postdocs/Young Researchers, the travel has to be approved by the Project leader before you start the planning.

Travel bill and CEED routines

Conferences/work shops: Your food expenses can be reimbursed as (1) According to relevant receipts OR (2) As per diem. Per diem should cover the conference/meeting days and travel days. Meals covered by the hotel bill (like breakfast) or by the conference/meeting registration should be declared and therefore subtracted from total per-diem amount. Note that if you use accommodation with cocking facilities (Airbnb , flat), your reimbursed per-diem is subjected to salary tax

Lab work/field work: Keep all food receipts and you get the expenses refunded (within a reasonable amount).

For long-term research stays abroad, you have to sort out through Trine-Lise Gørbitz before you leave.

The UiO info page for travel is here:

Note that we do not use compensation supplements for travel abroad (compensasjonstillegg for utlandet).


* you can apply for travel funding from:

Kristine Bonnevie`s travel stipend (now for both female and female). In 2019, postdocs are prioritized

The Industrial Liaison fund at the Department of Geosciences

Check also here:


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