Guidelines for the grant application process

Your online application

Deliver your application within the deadlines by filling out our online form. You can apply for both a travel and a research grant for each deadline, as long as you are planning individual events.

The DEEP travel grant cannot cover conferences (e.g. EGU or AGU) and regular annual meetings (e.g.  Nordic Winter meeting). You can apply for funding for specialized short courses offered in relation to these meetings, if you attach proof of participation.

You will be asked to provide:

  • A funding proposal of 200-300 words.
  • A budget of up to 30 000 NOK.
  • A letter of recommendation from your supervisor stating
    • how this work will aid the progress of your scientific project
    • your finance possibilities. The DEEP travel grants should not be looked at as replacement of expenses otherwise paid by the department or project.
  • Other relevant documents stating your participation or similar.
  • If you apply for attending a conference specialized within your field, please provide us with your abstract. We only cover conference attendance when they are highly specialized within your field. Please specify the situation in your proposal.

For research grants we also ask for:

  • Your CV
  • An invitation letter from your host
  • Your hosts CV

The funding proposal

Your funding proposal should contain:

  • Your name.
  • An explanation on how your work is relevant to the DEEP research school themes.
  • An explanation on why the activity will benefit your project.

For research grants we also ask you to:

  • Describe your plans in detail.

The budget details

You should apply to cover the travel arrangements that overall are most affordable. The grant typically covers travel and accommodation costs. Other costs may be covered if the need for those is clearly documented and is within the maximum funding amount.

Diet costs are usually not covered unless we have few applicants to our grants. We can then cover up to 150 NOK per day if accommodation does not provide access to kitchen facilities.

Our criteria

We will rank the applicants using these criteria in the following order:

  • No or little other funding opportunities available.
  • Relevance to the DEEP research school themes.
  • Importance and relevance to your PhD Project.
  • Amount of earlier awarded DEEP travel grants.

Processing the applications

A committee from the research school board will process the applications. You can expect an answer per email within two or three weeks after the deadline.


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