Resources for Young Scientists

Young CEED members have had success with several of these grants, for instance Mat Domeier, Morgan Jones, Tobias Rolf, Sara Callegaro (Young research talents, NFR),  Thea H. Heimdal (Aurora grant for 2020), Grace Shephard (Support for events SFF for 2019), Boris Robert (The Nansen foundation and the Reusch legat for 2019), Manon Bajard (the Reusch legat for 2019).

For questions and assistance with a budget, contact Trine-Lise. Applications sent from CEED must be approved by the Centre leader.

Apply for your own external funding! (Earth Science)


You can apply for funding for a operational costs, research equipment, scientific travels, and salary costs for scientific assistance. See info for 2020 here (In Norwegian) The application form is available at the web site minimum one month before the application deadline. Application deadline 15 January. 


Industrial Liaison at the Department of Geosciences (UiO)

You can apply for money to go to conference or meeting. The maximum grant is 15 000 NOK/ permanent staff member and 10 000 NOK/temporary staff member. Application deadline: 1 February, 1 May, 1 September, 1 December.


Support for events (NFR)

The event must serve as a meeting place for disseminating research results, exchanging knowledge, expanding the knowledge-base and/or establishing new scientific collaboration. Funding is available for both physical and virtual events. Ongoing application deadline:

NEW: Annual eScience Event from 2020 to 2025 (NFR)

The purpose of this call is to provide funding for an annual meeting place where young researchers can learn about new ideas, methods and theories within eScience as well as build a professional network.   Application deadline 12 February


Peder Sather Grant Program

The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study supports projects carried out by researchers at UC Berkeley in collaboration with researchers from, among others, the University of Oslo. Grants can support activities such as workshops, mini-conferences, virtual intellectual exchanges, the undertaking of exploratory and pilot studies, activities such as PhD student exchanges, longer-term stays for Principal Investigators, the collection and analysis of data, and other core research activities. The Center offers grants of between $10 000 and $25 000.
Application deadline: 1 April 2020 for activities in 2020-2021.


Forskerprosjekt for unge talenter (Young research talents, NFR) Application deadline 6 May for project stat the following year.

Research grant with international mobility for Postdocs (NFR) Application deadline 6 May for project start the following year.


The Kristine Bonnevie travel stipend

The stipend is for PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers. This travel stipend presumes an uninterrupted stay abroad for 1-6 months the following year. Application deadline 1 July for travels the following year.


The Aurora and DAAD Mobility Programmes – Researcher Exchange for New Collaboration between Norway and France/Germany

- to establish and expand the contact between educational and research institutions in Norway and corresponding organizations in France and Germany Application deadline 25 September


Hans og Helga Reusch`s legat

This funding supports studies in Geology and Physical Geography at the MN-faculty, UiO. You can apply once and have to be below 35 years old. This is mainly an honour for work already done. Application deadline 15 October.


Orlaug L. Merkesdal`s legat

Geology Master students, PhDs, Postdocs or permanent staff members at the Department of Geosciences (UiO) can apply for funding for studies in Geology, including visits at relevant institutions abroad, and travel to scientific Meetings. Application deadline: 1 October.

You can apply for 50 000 to 200 000 NOK in stipend to stay minimum one year of your Master or PhD at an  accredited university in the US.NEW from 2019/20 is that PhD students can get stipend for a minimum 4 months stay in the US. Application deadline 1 October for start no earlier than 1 August the year after.


Cooperation between Germany and Norway: DNSZ Seed money

The German-Norwegian Study Centre in Kiel (DNSZ) provides funds and the present call for proposals applies to projects that will take Place February 2019 until October 2019. The money is predominantly meant for projects which help create a foundation for continuing collaboration between Norway and Germany in research or university studies & teaching, and promise an enduring impact. A maximum of € 5,000 may be applied for travel and accommodation. Application deadline 7 December 2018, 4 p.m.


Personal Overseas Research Grant (NFR)

This grant is for doctoral and post-doctoral fellows who receive funding for salary by FRIPRO from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR), like project managers for the Young Research Talents programme. It is possible to apply for a Personal Overseas Research Grant several times throughout the same fellowship period. Each research stay must last at least 3 months, and FRIPRO covers a maximum of 12 months abroad for each person. See the web page for more details. No application deadline.


See also other calls from the European Research Council

CEED financed activities and prizes

Young CEED, please contact centre leader Carmen Gaina.

The Else Ragnhild Neumann award for young female scientists.

Other Resources

MatNat`s carriere developement programme for Postdocs at the MatNat-faculty. Candidates recruited to this programme will follow 15 online modules spread over seven months, complemented by personal advice and mentoring. 

Workshops/seminars arranged by MatNat (4-6 times per year)

The Postdoc Portal 

The Young Academy of Norway is open for talented, young researchers from all disciplines interested in working interdisciplinarily and dedicating time to work with broader issues such as policy development and innovative research dissemination.

The Job portal

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