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Phone +47 22851805
Room 3427
Visiting address Blindernveien 31 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo
Other affiliations Institutt for pedagogikk (Student)

Research interests

My research interests are focused on the evolutionary and ecological processes that drive population and species distributions over spatial and temporal scales. I’m particularly interested in the effects of anthropogenically-induced change, but also investigate biological responses to climate change. I specialise in the use of ancient DNA methods and my research covers an extensive temporal range from a few decades ago, up to the Holocene and Pleistocene. I work with a variety of taxa, including both animals and plants, and the genomic tools I employ in my studies range from multi-species metabarcoding markers to whole genome sequence data from single specimens. I have worked on a large diversity of ancient material – museum skins, feathers, seeds, bones, permafrost and lake sediments – and have experience with all parts of the laboratory methodology as well as the bioinformatic analyses of data generated using high-throughput sequencing technology. I have a broad interest, and the nature of my work and the questions I pursue cover a wide range of scientific fields, ranging from evolutionary biology, conservation biology to archaeology. I thoroughly enjoy working in a highly multidisciplinary research environment.

In the Archaeogenomics group at CEES we have several ongoing projects - check out the group page for more information!


I coordinate the course BIOS3050 - Arbeidspraksis i biovitenskap and co-coordinate BIOS2000 - Animal Behaviour. I further lecture in BIOS3100 - Evolution.

As Head of education (one of two) at the Department of Biosciences I contribute to the faculty's and the department's educational strategy, and lead the department's educational activities.  


Tags: Genomics, Nordic, Ancient DNA, Evolutionary biology, DNA, Population genetics

Selected publications

Ter Schure ATM, Bajard M,  Loftsgarden K, Høeg HI, Ballo E, Bakke J, Støren EWN, Iversen H, Kool A, Brysting AK, Krüger K & Boessenkool S (2021) Anthropogenic and environmental drivers of vegetation change in southeastern Norway during the Holocene. Quaternary Science Reviews 270: 107175.

Kersten O, Star B, Leigh DM, Anker-Nilssen T, Strøm H, Danielsen J, Descamps S, Erikstad KE, Fitzsimmons MG, Fort J, Hansen ES, Harris MP, Irestedt M, Kleven O, Mallory ML, Jackobsen KS & Boessenkool S (2021) Complex population structure of the Atlantic puffin revealed by whole genome analyses. Communications Biology 4: 922.

Polling M, ter Schure ATM, van Geel B, van Bokhoven T, Boessenkool S, MacKay G, Langeveld BW, Ariza M, van der Plicht H, Protopopov AV, Tikhonov A, de Boer H, & Gravendeel B (2021) Multiproxy analysis of permafrost preserved faeces provides an unprecedented insight into the diets and habitats of extinct and extant megafauna. Quaternary Science Reviews 267: 107084.

Chua PYS, Lammers Y, Menoni E, Ekrem T, Bohmann K, Boessenkool S & Alsos IG (2021) Molecular dietary analyses of western capercaillies (Tetrao urogallus) reveal a diverse diet. Environmental DNA. Early view.

Chua PYS, Crampton-Platt A, Lammers Y, Alsos IG, Boessenkool S & Bohmann K (2021) Metagenomics: A viable tool for reconstructing diet. Molecular Ecology Resources. Early view.

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Orr R, Sannum M, Boessenkool S, Di Martino E, Gordon D, Mello H, Obst M, Ramsfjell M, Smith A & Liow LH (2020) Molecular phylogeny of historical micro-invertebrate specimens using de novo sequence assembly. Ecology and Evolution 11(1): 309-320.

Ter Schure ATM, Pillai AAS, Thorbek L, Bhavani Shankar M, Puri R, Ravikanth G, de Boer HJ & Boessenkool S (2020) Herbivore dietary nice overlap in an Indian wildlife sanctuary measured by eDNA metabarcoding. Environmental DNA 3(3): 681-696.

Barett JH, Boessenkool S, Kneale CJ, O’Connell TC & Star B (2020) Ecological globalisation, serial depletion and the medieval trade of walrus rostra. Quaternary Science Reviews 229: 106122.

Pálsdóttir AH, Bläuer A, Rannamäe E, Boessenkool S, Hallsson JH. 2019. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Open Science 285: 20180978.

Fages A, Hanghøj K, Khan N, …. Boessenkool S, ……Outram, AK, Librado P & Orlando . (2019) Tracking five millennia of horse management with extensive ancient genome time series. Cell 177: 1-17.

Nistelberger HM, Pálsdóttir AH, Star B, Leifsson R, Gondek AT, Orlando L, Barrett JH, Hallsson JH, Boessenkool S. 2019. Sexing Viking Age horses from burial and non-burial sites in Iceland using ancient DNA. Journal of Archaeological Science 101, 115-122.

Star B., Barrett J.H, Gondek A.T., Boessenkool S. 2018. Ancient DNA reveals the chronology of walrus ivory trade from Norse Greenland. bioRxiv doi:

Gondek AT, Boessenkool S & Star B (2018) A stainless-steel mortar, pestle and sleeve design for the efficient fragmentation of ancient bone. Preprint available on bioRxiv, doi:

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Boessenkool S, Hanghøj K, Nistelberger HM, Sarkissian CD, Gondek A, Orlando L, Barrett JH & Star B (2017) Combining bleach and mild pre-digestion improves ancient DNA recovery from bones. Molecular Ecology Resources 17: 742-751.

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Popular science publications

Boessenkool S (2013) Waitaha penguin: dynamic history revealed by DNA. In: Penguins: Their world, their ways. Eds De Roy, T, Jones, M & Cornthwaite, J. CSIRO Publishing. Pp 164-165.

Boessenkool S, Epp LS & Bellemain E (2011) Barcoding ancient DNA preserved in Arctic permafrost. META (magazine of the Norwegian metacentre for computational science) 1: 10-13.


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