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The Norwegian Sequencing Centre (NSC)

NSC is a consolidation of the Illumina and the 454 (Roche) sequencing platforms at Institute of Medical Genetics (IMG) and CEES.


  • sparrow-group-fieldwork How the house sparrow came to be Aug. 10, 2018

    How is it that the small, charismatic house sparrow has become so closely associated with us? CEES researchers have been trying to answer this question by sequencing the DNA of populations of sparrows from across Europe and the Middle East. New publication published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B.

  • le-mans-rostrum-660px Ancient DNA reveals the extent of Norse Greenland’s trade in walrus ivory Aug. 8, 2018

    Analysis of DNA from up to 1100 year old walrus remains confirmes that walrus ivory was a driver for both the success and decline of the old Norse colony of Greenland.