Coming up: The Kristine Bonnevie lectures 2019: Nobel Prize-winners Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and May-Britt Moser

Monday 2 September in Gamle festsal, Domus Academica, Karl Johans gate 47, Oslo.

The two speakers at the Kristine Bonnevie lectures for 2019 will be the German developmental biologist and Nobel Prize-winner Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, and the Norwegian neuroscientist and Nobel Prize-winner May-Britt Moser. Moser's lecture will be a multimedia concert lecture together with the Trondheim Soloists. Please register your participation in advance.

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  • holt-durant-2019-what-cod-eat-fig1 What cod eat July 12, 2019

    The Atlantic cod is one of the major predator in the Barents Sea estimated to consume over 5 million tonnes of fish in 2017. In a recent paper (Holt et al. 2019) we explore the diet of this species using a unique dataset encompassing 33 years of cod stomach sampling by Russian and Norwegian scientists. This time-series is the most comprehensive available cod diet dataset to date and is crucial in helping to answer ecologically important questions on what cod eat and why it matters for predator-prey and food-web dynamics in the Barents Sea ecosystem.