Behailu Etana Disasa

PhD Candidate
Image of Behailu Etana Disasa
Room 2403
Visiting address Kristine Bonnevies hus

Academic interests

I started as a PhD student at CEES in January, 2016. I did my Bachelor and Master studies in Ethiopia. My research interests are on conservation biology, ethnobiology, population and behavioural studies.

My PhD research focuses on Mammals Conservation and Sustainable Agricultural Practice: Does shade coffee sustain large mammal’s diversity in southwest Ethiopia? I would like to determine how the effects of different coffee production systems affect large mammals diversity compared to the prime natural forest. The study I am working also includes comparative ecological and behavioural study of Boutourlini’s blue monkey (Cercopithecus mitis ssp. boutourlinii) in traditional shade coffee system and intact forest. This part of the study specifically focuses on population status, habitat suitability, activity pattern, feeding ecology, seed dispersal roles and threats of little studied, vulnerable and endemic subspecies of the blue monkey. This research will provide useful information to guide a sustainable development by clarifying how the different coffee plantations can be carried out in line with mammal’s conservation effort.


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  • Disasa, Behailu Etana (2016). Effects of shade coffee plantation management on mammalian biodiversity in Ethiopia.

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