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I have been granted status as a Visiting Scientist at CEES. My background is in population dynamics, systems dynamics and conservation biology, always with practical relevance to biodiversity conservation. My book, Ethics for a Full World (Clairview Books, 2017), is a critique of anthropocentrism, blaming our culture’s self-serving, and philosophically bankrupt, disregard for other species for the current environmental/ecological crises—as well as an exploration of why we are not acting to “save the world”.

I am trying to organize a multi-disciplinary seminar series/workshop with experts from around the world, to result in an edited book: Can We Save the World? The purpose is to raise our understanding of the mechanisms that make it difficult for humanity to solve global communal action problems like the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis, and collect it all in an easily accessible single volume.

My PhD from Princeton University was on effects of habitat fragmentation on extinction risk for endangered species. I did a postdoc at UiO’s Center for Development and the Environment (SUM), before taking a UN job as Environment Program Manager in Papua New Guinea. After that I had a private sector job in the research department at DNV (Det Norske Veritas), working on Ecological Risk Management. I am interested in and available for collaborative projects where I can learn something new and do something useful, particularly if it provides an opportunity to build my analysis skills while addressing a critical environmental issue.

Tags: Endangered species, Conservation, Population dynamics, Biodiversity, Ethics, Climate


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