Past and ongoing master projects

Training future pollination ecologists is important for the Dr. Nielsen (I presume) group. Below you find a list of projects conducted by past and current master students.

Current students

Lisa Fagerli started officially on her master project in August 2016. However she managed to conduct a full field season in June and July 2016 and is ready to get started on her thesis. She is working on pollination of Melampyrun sp. and Cornus suecica along an elevation gradient on Reinøya in Troms.

Julie Paus-Knudsen started in August 2014 and is working with behavioural effects on bumble bees in response to pesticide exposition. She has been on leave as she was elected as President of the Student Parliament at the University. A full time position. She is now back and are about to start her lab experiments.

Solveig Haug and Arrian Karbassioon started in August 2015 and is working on the variation in pollination of wild raspberry and surrounding vegetation along an elevation gradient in the Norefjell area. They conducted fieldwork throughout the summer of 2016 and are now ready to start on the real work.

Ingvild Fonn Asmervik started in August 2015 and is working on variation in the pollinator community of Soy beans in Argentina along a latitudinal gradient. She conducted fieldwork in Argentina during winter 2016 and is now analysing and interpreting her (lack of) findings.

Past students

Eivind Nitter finished his master project in June 2015, linking grazing intensity and bumblebee density and diversity in a mountain ecosystem. Read more

Andreas W. Rinvoll finished his master project in June 2016 on pollinator activity and temperature. Read more

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