INTRAVAR: Intraspecific trait variation and stochastic population and community dynamics (completed)

About the project

With the project INTRAVAR I will combine and extend recent advances in demographic models (in particular integral projection models) to develop and apply new methodology for investigating the impacts of intraspecific trait variation on stochastic population and community dynamics.

To meet this general goal I will use a synergistic combination of methods, with i) theoretical development and analyses, ii) empirical applications with existing data from natural systems, and iii) extensive experimental studies using the model organism Daphnia (water fleas). I have a strong quantitative background and much experience in development and application of stochastic demographic models.

The proposed research will provide fundamental new insights of the underlying mechanisms by which intraspecific trait variation shape stochastic population and community dynamics, as well as new methodology of broad relevance to a range of fields including epidemiology, conservation, and management.


01.01.2018 - 31.08.2020


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