Esther Beukhof

MARmaED Early Stage Researcher from the Netherlands has started working at the National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark on 15 March 2016.

Esther Beukhof made her PhD at the Technical University of Denmark.

Since I was in high school I have been very interested in socio-environmental problems such as climate change, pollution and overfishing. Not surprisingly, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Wageningen is located in the middle of the Netherlands, far from any sea, so I was very happy to complete part of my studies at the University of Tromsø, Norway, and at DTU Aqua, Denmark, thereby experiencing and seeing the ocean every day.

I am a marine ecologist but I also have a background in marine management and governance. The MARmaED project is therefore an excellent opportunity to put my work as an biologist in a socio-economic perspective.

For my master thesis that I executed at DTU Aqua, Denmark, I described spatio-temporal patterns of functional traits of fish in the North Sea, and I assessed their relation to climate change and fishing. During my PhD I will continue to take a trait-based approach to study fish communities, and how climate change and fishing affect community structure, functioning and services. I will carry out my project at DTU Aqua in Denmark under supervision of Dr. Martin Lindegren and Prof. Ken Haste Andersen.

By Delphine Nicolas
Published Mar. 20, 2016 7:58 PM - Last modified Aug. 18, 2020 1:45 PM