New MARmaED website is active

The website for MARmaED is today online. Welcome to MARweb at

New design of the website for MARmaED

In the project description we have promised to develop a website. MARweb will contain documents relevant to the project, training material, minutes of meetings, reports, blogs, email lists, and be used to share data and results between meetings.” With that thought, the University Center for Information Technology of the University of Oslo in collaboration with the Scientific and Administrative Leadership (SAL) has developed a website designed to host the above-mentioned resources.


As described above, the website was designed both to present the project to the public and to be a resource for the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

Therefore on top of presenting the usual/regular details of a project (duration, partners, goals, contact information), the website emphasizes the educational and research aspects of the MARmaED project by dedicating a section for each of these themes. Under the “Education” section, the training provided to the students both at the local and the network levels is described/detailed. This will also include information about the content of the teaching events (T-MARmaED). The “Research” section focuses on the 3 Work Packages dedicated to the scientific objectives of the project (Publications resulting from the project will be published on a specific section of the website.). In order to emphasize the importance of this project being a network, it also includes a sub-section dedicated to the research teams.

MARmaED ESRs can also use the website as a toolbox for their projects as it introduces all the students to each other (before they can actually meet in person during the annual meeting) with a short description of their background and their project (“Meet our researchers” section). It also introduces all the supervisors (both academic and non-academic) and it contains useful information concerning EU acknowledgement and Open Access policies. It will also include a link to the web portal developed by the University of Hamburg where all the teaching material will be uploaded.

Interactivity will also be a key feature of MARweb. Too often scientific results from a project can remain in the project’s network/sphere and does not reach the audience it could have if given the proper communication channels. So to catch the general public interest, a Twitter account has been created on 2 October 2015 which has been integrated onto the website. A special section of the website called “Ask a scientist” will soon be active enabling visitors to ask any scientific question to both the ESRs and their supervisors.


Tags: Web By Delphine Nicolas, Joël Durant
Published Apr. 1, 2016 8:08 AM - Last modified Apr. 1, 2016 4:49 PM