Tin-Yu Lai

MARmaED Early Stage Researcher from Taiwan started working at Department of Economics and Management of the University of Helsinki in Finland

Tin-Yu Lai have started at the University of Helsinki

I come from an island country, Taiwan, which makes me consider the importance of marine environmental issues. When I was in undergraduate, I studied Economics and was an environmental volunteer during that period. Because of these experiences, I decided to work on the environmental issues from the perspective of economics. After that, I went to the Netherlands to continue my study in the Master program of Environmental Sciences in the Wageningen University. My specialization is Environmental System Analysis and my master thesis was about ecosystem services accounting of marine resources with the consideration of both ecological and economic data. Currently, I start my Ph.D. at Department of Economics and Management of the University of Helsinki for the MARmaED project, with the supervision of Prof. Marko Lindroos. I will research on the topic about optimal exploitation of marine ecosystems, taking in to account the trophic interaction, various marine ecosystem services, and parallel fisheries agreements. The interactions among different species, different users and non-use group of ecosystem services will be explored by applying dynamic numerical optimization and game theory models.


By Joël Durant
Published Jan. 13, 2016 2:41 PM