Our research

CENSSS will address science and technology challenges and business opportunities within New-Space satellites for Earth Observation and within Space Exploration “to the Moon and Mars”.

CENSSS will in collaboration with Norwegian industry develop new instruments and sensor systems, New-Space satellites system integration, operation and exploitation of satellite data. 

The centre aims to advance the knowledge frontiers in novel sensors for small Earth Observation satellites, as well as novel sensors for planetary resource mapping and exploitation. 

CENSS will operate the RIMFAX Ground Penetrating radar Instrument on the NASA Perseverance rover mission to the planet Mars. This includes commanding the instrument on the rover and analyzing the scientific data collected by RIMFAX.

The research is divided in five research fields:

New-Space Sensors
Led by Torbjørn Skauli at ITS 

New-Space Demonstrator
Led by Lars Erling Bråten at FFI 

New-Space Services
Led by Stian Løvold at ITS 

RIMFAX Science Operation Center
Led by Svein-Erik Hamran at ITS 

Mapping Instruments for planetary In-Situ Resource Utilization 
Led by Anja Kohfeldt from IDEAS