About us

The CompSci program will train a new generation of natural science researchers with disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transferable skills and a foundation in computational methods – providing them with the knowledge, skills and vision to digitally transform the European education, research, government and industry sectors.

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Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen/UiO.


Digital technology is transforming science, industry and society at large, giving rise to a need for researchers and innovators with the deep skills in computing necessary to ensure Europe becomes a driving force in the emerging digital market. CompSci will train computationally proficient researchers to become Europe’s digital leaders across disciplines and sectors.

The CompSci program is hosted by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo, and is a 5-year program applying for 32 PhD positions of 36 months each in two calls over the program period, a total of 1152 researcher months. It will be based on an open, transparent and merit-based selection process where aspiring researchers from any nationality will be encouraged to apply.

The doctoral training emphasizes the development of computational skills and application and integration of these skills in a research project, in addition to transferable skills training in a cross-sector secondment. It will be open to applicants of all nationalities according to the MSCA mobility criteria. Fellowships will be awarded based on the quality of the applicant’s CV, motivation letter, and match to research projects. Candidates may choose among a large set (48 topics for 32 positions) of research projects, research groups and supervisors according to the MSCA principle of individual-driven mobility.

The program will have its first call for applicants with deadline March 1st 2021 and the first cohort of PhD students will start in September 2021. Successful candidates will be enrolled in the Faculty’s doctoral program and employed at UiO.

The Call 2 projects are not open for applications. Call 2 will open late 2021, with application deadline in the beginning of 2022, and start of the doctoral programme for Call 2 projects will be autumn 2022.

Project Leader

Professor Anders Malthe-Sørenssen
Director at Center for Computing in Science Education (CCSE)

CompSci Coordinator