A PhD fellowship in Norway is normally a 3-year full time doctoral degree training, and the CompSci fellowships will be of three years duration to comply with this requirement. As a PhD you will be employed and entered into the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences' doctoral program.

Job appointment

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After the departments’ Appointment Committees officially have agreed to the final decision and the selection of candidates, you will be contacted. The faculty’s HR section will start the process of issuing a 3-year full time employment contract including full social security and benefits, and a salary in line with the position code and the MSCA requirements. The employment contract will specify the requirement to establish a plan for the doctoral training, and registration to a doctoral program.

Foreseen start date for the CompSci program is 1st September 2021 or at the latest 1st October 2021.

You will start your PhD program with an intensive common training period with focus on bringing you and your fellow CompSci PhDs up on a similar level needed for completing the full programme. 

Furthermore, you will be part of the Faculty’s PhD introduction program. This program will create a mutual platform of trust, and understanding of the needed competences and insight to the expected work. You and your supervisor will together, within the first two months, set up an individual Doctoral Training Plan and the Career Development Plan (CDP).

The UiOs International staff mobility office (ISMO)

The UiOs International staff mobility office (ISMO) supports incoming international staff, PhD candidates, guest researchers and their families with relocation to UiO, and will assist you with issues related to your stay here, in addition to the help offered by the hosting department, research group and the COMPSCI administrative program manager.

Moving to Oslo

We can help with your moving process, for example finding housing, residence permits, tax issues, child care and more.

Employment conditions

Employment conditions will include the issuing of a 3-year full time employment contract including full social security and benefits, and an attractive salary according to your qualifications and in a position as PhD Research fellow (position code 1017). 

Employment conditions also include

  • Attractive welfare benefits such as paid sick leave, parental leave and the right to 5 weeks holiday, and a generous pension agreement
  • Access to special career development programmes, and research schools
  • Health, safety and environment policies, procedures and tools that safeguard your workplace
  • Co-determination at work place through trade unions and safety representatives
  • Excellent research environments with highly competent and motivated researchers
  • Good working conditions and high standard facilities and offices

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