Associate Professor Luiza Angheluta


Affiliation: Department of Physics, University of Oslo 


Research interest

Assoc. Prof. Angheluta has a theoretical background in statistical physics, fluid dynamics and material deformation. She has a broad interest in collective phenomena and pattern formation in complex systems.

Her current research is pivoted on understanding the dynamics of interacting topological defects in broken-symmetry (ordered) states of matter, and their collective effects on the large-scale properties of matter.

Particular research topics include:

  • turbulence and vortex dynamics in superfluid Bose-Einstein condensates,
  • plasticity and dislocation dynamics in crystalline matter,
  • topological defects in soft active matter with nematic order.   

Short bio

Assoc. Prof. Angheluta completed her PhD in Physics (2010) from UiO. Afterwards she was a postdoc at UiO and the Institute for Condensed Matter Theory at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (USA). She was appointed Assoc. Prof. in the Physics Department at UiO in 2013.

She is the leader of the condensed matter physics section at the Physics Department and of the Strategic Research Initiative “EarthFlows”.

She has supervised several master and PhD students to completion on different topics from Bose Einstein condensates, soft matter and fluid dynamics to material deformation.

See list of publications on her webpage at the University of Oslo. '

Supervisor for the following CompSci projects

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