Professor Terje Berntsen

portrait photo

Affiliation: Department of Geoscience, University of Oslo


Research interest

Land-atmosphere interactions in cold environments. Modelling of surface fluxes of energy, moisture and carbon. Feedback processes including vegetation change and thawing of permafrost. 

Radiative forcing of climate. Using a Bayesian statistical approach to model global climate sensitivity based on historical data of radiative forcing and observed warming.  
Modelling of atmospheric chemistry and how emissions of chemically active short-lived climate forcers affects climate.

Short bio

PhD from Department of Geophysics, University of Oslo (UiO) in 1994. Currently professor of meteorology at Department of Geosciences at UiO, since 2007. Between 1994 and 2019 I also worked at CICERO- Center for Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo.

My background is in modelling of atmospheric chemistry of the troposphere, with a main focus on the ozone budget and the oxidizing capacity of the troposphere. Tropospheric chemistry is strongly affected by emissions and deposition to and from the surface as well as mixing processes in the boundary layer. This has lead to more general interest in understanding the coupling between the atmosphere and the terrestrial surface, including the turbulent mixing processes. I was a lead author on the fourth assessment report of Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC, 2007), and now again for the 6th report (to be published in 2021).

Supervisor for the following CompSci project

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