Professor Silvia Bordiga

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Affiliation: Dipartimento di Chimica, NIS Centre and INSTM - Centro di Riferimento Universita' di Torino, Italy


Research interest

I have always applied spectroscopic methods in order to achieve a detailed understanding of the physicochemical nature heterogeneous catalysts and adsorbents such as titanosilicates, Fe-Zeolites, acid zeolites, Cu-exchanged zeolites, and porous metalorganic frameworks (MOFs).

I have developed a versatile experimental platform based on the combined use of laboratory spectroscopies and advanced techniques available at the synchrotron beamlines in a controlled atmosphere. The commune denominator of my interests is the broad concept of sustainability, strongly interconnected with the energy efficiency and of the integration of resources (possibly renewable) in order to allow a sustainable growth of our society.

Short bio

Silvia Bordiga is a full Professor in Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Torino University. In the period 2012-2020 she was adjunct Professor (Prof. II) at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo.

Her research activities are characterized by extensive industry collaborations with Italian and international collaborators. She has supervised 13 PhD candidates to completing their degrees and published more than 450 papers. Citations without self-citations: 35 070; average citations per item: 85; corresponding h-index: 104. 

Supervisor for the following CompSci projects

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