Professor Morten Hjorth-Jensen

portrait photo

Affiliation: Department of Physics and Center for Computing in Science Education, University of Oslo, Oslo and Department of Physics and Astronomy and Facility for Rare Ion Beams, Michigan State University


Research interest

I am a theoretical physicist with a strong interest in computational physics and many-body theory in general, and the nuclear many-body problem and nuclear structure problems in particular. This means that I study various methods for solving either Schrödinger's equation or Dirac's equation for many interacting particles, spanning from algorithmic aspects to the mathematical properties of such methods.

The latter also leads to a strong interest in computational physics as well as computational aspects of quantum mechanical methods ranging from traditional many-body methods to quantum computing and machine learning.

Short bio

I received my PhD from the University of Oslo in 1993, and after five six years of various post-doctoral experiences, I was hired as an associate Professor in Physics at the University of Oslo in 1999. In 2001 I was promoted to full Professor. Since 2012 I hold a shared position as professor of physics at Michigan State University in the USA and the University of Oslo in Norway. Go to my homepage to find more information

Supervisor for the following CompSci projects

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