Professor Joseph Henry Lacasce

portrait photo

Affiliation: Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo


Research interest

I study physical oceanography, with a focus on the dynamics of large scale currents and waves. This includes the thermohaline circulation, the global circulation which sequesters heat and CO2 in the deep ocean and is central to climate.

I also study oceanic interactions with rough bathymetry, turbulence and the dynamics of drifting objects.

Short bio

I studied physical oceanography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), obtaining my PhD in 1996. I was a postdoc at the French national oceanography laboratory (IFREMER) for two years and then worked as a scientist at the Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution.

I moved to Norway in 2002 and worked at the Meteorological Institute, before becoming a professor at UiO in 2007.

I teach courses on geophysical modeling and atmosphere/ocean dynamics, and have a research group studying different topics in oceanography, meteorology and climate.

Supervisor for the following CompSci project

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