Professor Unni Olsbye

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Affiliation: Center for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) and Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo


Research interest

My expertise lies in heterogeneous catalysis. My core expertise is studies of catalyst functionality, with emphasis on kinetic and mechanistic studies. My most renowned work concerns single material parameter variation studies of zeolite and zeotype catalysts, combined with catalyst performance studies. Those (ongoing) studies have unravelled the influence of confinement effects, diffusion and active site composition on the multiple reactions taking place inside the zeolite/zeotype pores.

Currently, my main focus is on zeolites/zeotypes and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as catalysts, catalyst supports and sorbents.

Short bio

Unni Olsbye (born 1964) has been a Professor at the Chemistry Department of the University of Oslo (UiO) since 2001. She holds an MSc in chemical engineering from NTNU (1987), and a PhD in chemistry from UiO (1991). Before joining UiO, she worked in the institute sector (SINTEF) and in industry (Elf Aquitaine, Nordox Industries).

During 2007–2015, she was the Managing Director of inGAP (Innovative Natural Gas Processes and Products) – a Norwegian Centre of Excellence for Research-Based Innovation. She is the founding advisor of ProfMOF A/S. She is currently the corresponding PI of an ERC SYNERGY grant. Main supervisor of 4 postdocs/15 PhD students/13 MSc students at the University of Oslo, Norway. She has published more than 190 papers. Citations without self-citations: 13 277; average citations per item: 73; corresponding h-index: 51. 

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