Professor Thomas Bondo Pedersen

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Affiliation: Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Sciences, Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo


Research interest

Pedersen’s research is focused on electronic-structure theory and the interaction between matter and electromagnetic fields. His recent research includes the application of highly accurate wave-function models from quantum chemistry to real-time simulations of attosecond many-electron dynamics driven by ultrashort, high-intensity laser pulses.

The latter includes new theories to describe the coupled dynamics of electrons and nuclei beyond the Born-Oppenheimer approximation and investigations of dynamical control by means of pulse shapes and magnetic fields. High-performance computing is a crucial component in these efforts and include the use of modern machine-learning technologies.

Short bio

Pedersen received his PhD in quantum chemistry from Aarhus University, Denmark, in 1999. After postdoc fellowships in Spain and Denmark, he accepted an assistant professor position at Lund University, Sweden, in 2004.

He has worked three years in the scientific software industry as senior scientist and product manager, before joining the University of Oslo in 2009, where he is now full professor and a principal investigator at the Hylleraas Centre for Quantum Molecular Sciences, a Norwegian Centre of Excellence established in 2017.

He has authored 73 peer-reviewed publications (~8000 citations, h-index: 41) and is a co-author of the two major Scandinavian quantum-chemistry software packages Dalton and OpenMolcas. 

Supervisor for the following CompSci projects

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