Dr. Henrik Andersen Sveinsson

portrait photo

Affiliation: Department of Physics, University of Oslo 

Contact:  h.a.sveinsson@fys.uio.no

Research interest

I am a computational physicist working on mostly geologically relevant physics problems. I use simulations to learn lessons about the nanoscale and try to present these lessons in a way that is useful for processes on larger spatial scales.

My main research involves friction, fracture and compression; processes of destruction of materials. For geological materials, a big challenge is the difficulty of modeling water, as well as the physics and chemistry of rock–water interactions on scales that are accessible for experimental verification. I therefore currently aim at developing computationally efficient molecular-scale models for water and rock–water interactions.

Short Bio

I received my PhD in Computational Physics from the University of Oslo in 2019. I am currently a postdoc on a tenure-track for associate professor.

I have been teaching Electromagnetism and Waves and Oscillations at the University of Oslo the last few years, and also written a book on how to teach programming in school. I have supervised several master students.

Supervisor for the following CompSci project

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