Laboratory journal

The keeping of laboratory journals is mandatory in all experimental disciplines. Journals should be kept in such a way that others can replicate the experiments.

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The main purpose of the journal is to document laboratory work that may be published in due course. Journals are the property of UiO, and must be submitted in connection with administrative check-out or when the project is wound up.

Laboratory journals must be kept securely by the institute or department for at least 10 years after the experiments have been completed. A secondary objective of laboratory journals is to form a basis for patents.

General guidelines

  1. Supervisors/group leaders/project managers are responsible for ensuring that all those involved in their group or project keep a laboratory journal according to current guidelines.
  2. A laboratory journal is personal and must be kept by one person.

  3. Failure to submit journals on termination of employment may prevent administrative check-out and the issue of diplomas and may be prosecuted. It is permissible to copy one's own laboratory journal and take it with one to a new place of work.

Keeping of journals