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Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE)

On the Safe Side

On the Safe Side is a mobile-optimised website. It provides you with user-friendly training and advice on what you should do in emergency situations.

Emergency phone numbers

Fire: 110
Police: 112
Ambulance: 113 

The University's alarm and security centre:
22 85 66 66

Laboratory Journal

The keeping of laboratory journals is mandatory in all experimental disciplines. Journals should be kept in such a way that others can replicate the experiments.

Procedure for Field Work

Field work is collecting and/or cultivating data outside of regular work place that is conducted either domestically or abroad, for example excursions.

Working environment

Policies, procedures and tools that safeguard your workplace at UiO.

First Aid Course

The Faculty is offering basic first aid course to all employees.

Emergency preparedness plan