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The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences consists of 9 Departments.

The Faculty has overall strategic and administrative responsibility for the Faculty's Departments, which are placed under its authority.

The Faculty Board

The Faculty Board determines the Faculty's overriding objectives, priorities and strategies.

The Faculty Management

The Faculty Management is lead by the Dean, two Vice Deans, the Faculty Director and the Assistant Faculty Director.

The Faculty Administration

The Faculty Administration provides services to the departments and contributes to the co-ordination of tasks between the departemental and faculty levels.

Departments and centres

The Departments organize the core activity (research, education and research dissemination) and represent the professional meeting place for students and academics. 

Centres are units, which belong to a Department in the organization structure.  


Mail address
P.O. box 1032
N-0315 Oslo


(+47) 22 85 52 00


Visiting address
Faculty Administration
Fysikkbygningen Øst
Sem Sælands vei 24
0371 Oslo
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