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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Nesman, Jannicke Irina Doctoral Research Fellow
Ness, Heine Håland Higher Executive Officer SMN
Picture of Stein Stabelfelt Nielsen Nielsen, Stein Stabelfelt Senior Engineer +47-22856442
Picture of Hilde Nilsen Nilsen, Hilde Head Engineer +47-22845672 99545427
Picture of Pernille Adine Nordby Nordby, Pernille Adine Adviser +47-22840820
Picture of Ingse M W Noremsaune Noremsaune, Ingse M W Section Manager +47-22855329 +47-99617271 Research support, External funding, EU, ERC, CoE
Picture of Mehdi Noroozi Noroozi, Mehdi Engineer +47-22850457 IT support for education, Local IT support, IT support, IT services, IT support for research
Picture of Lise Marie Nyberg Nyberg, Lise Marie Research Technician
Picture of Jarle Nygard Nygard, Jarle Faculty Director +47-22856290 +47-99169357 99169357
Picture of Solfrid Odnes Odnes, Solfrid Head of Office +47-22856586
Picture of Hilde Omberg Omberg, Hilde Senior Executive Officer +47-22858640 +47 98 66 34 87 Web, social media
Picture of Lars Petter Onsrud Onsrud, Lars Petter Principal Engineer +47-22858167
Picture of Maren S Rasch Onsrud Onsrud, Maren S Rasch Head of Office +47-22854423
Picture of Inger Oulie Oulie, Inger Head Engineer +47-22856574 Mass spectrometry, Biochemical analysis, Uptake of nanoparticles in cells, Chromatography, Sample preparation, HPLC, Bioanalysis
Picture of Inger Anne Pedersen Pedersen, Inger Anne Adviser +47-22856421 Department of Physics, finance, SMN
Picture of Dirk Petersen Petersen, Dirk Senior Engineer +47-22858267 Instrument responsible, NMR spectroscopy, NMR, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Picture of Karen Pettersson Pettersson, Karen Higher Executive Officer +47-22854328 Research support, TeamSMN, SMN, Nafuma
Picture of Matthieu Pinard Pinard, Matthieu Senior Engineer +47 917 33 409
Picture of Ørjan Pretorius Pretorius, Ørjan Senior Executive Officer +47-22856349 Leaves of absence, Personnel administration, Appointments
Randen, Gro Senior Executive Officer +47-22856566
Reang, Inger-Lise Administrative Manager +47-22840851
Picture of Ivar Refsland Refsland, Ivar Senior Executive Officer +47-22857386 911 58 229 Finance, Oracle, Invoices, Department of Chemistry, Financial management, Budget
Picture of Yngvar Reichelt Reichelt, Yngvar Head of Office +47-22855883
Picture of Arnstein Rensel Rensel, Arnstein Head Engineer +4722857487 / +4795802484 Product development, Mechanical engineering
Picture of Line Trosterud Resvold Resvold, Line Trosterud Executive Officer +47-22855442 Ekspedisjonen