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Persons 26 - 50 of 400
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Karl Johan Ullavik Bakken Bakken, Karl Johan Ullavik Senior Executive Officer +47-22856673 Student administration, Admission (MSc), Master contracts, Scheduling, Canvas (LMS), FS, ePhorte
Picture of David Michael Bang-Hauge Bang-Hauge, David Michael Senior Engineer +47-22854308 CAD, CubeSTAR, Electronics, Purchasing
Picture of Andreas Beesoo-Amundsen Beesoo-Amundsen, Andreas Senior Executive Officer +47-22856040
Picture of Berit Løken Berg Berg, Berit Løken +47-22856651
Picture of Eli Berge Berge, Eli Senior Adviser +47-22852497 Recruitment, Cristin, Research communication, Communication, Web editor
Bergkvam, Øystein Senior Adviser +47-22856345 Examination, Cheating, National Student Database, Diploma, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Lars Bernhardsen Bernhardsen, Lars Head of Office +47-22856429 +47-99241284
Picture of Morten Berntsen Berntsen, Morten Senior Engineer +47-22855557 975 36100
Picture of Marie Berstad Berstad, Marie Senior Executive Officer +47-22857041 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Thomas Bertelsen Bertelsen, Thomas Senior Executive Officer +47-22840955 +4740866227
Bhatti, Adeel Arif Head Engineer +47-22856465
Picture of Anniken Rotstigen Birkelund Birkelund, Anniken Rotstigen Senior Executive Officer +47-22854061
Picture of Anne Helene Bjerke Bjerke, Anne Helene Principal Engineer +47-22857120
Picture of Viktor Bobal Bobal, Viktor Senior Engineer +47-22852892 SMN, Semiconductors
Picture of Sibinka Bogojev Bogojev, Sibinka Higher Executive Officer +47-22857268 Finance, Department of Biosciences
Picture of Esra Boncuk Boncuk, Esra Senior Executive Officer +47-22858218 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Master education, International cooperation, student exchange, programråd
Picture of Krister Borge Borge, Krister Principal Engineer 97968672 +4797968672 sonen, makerspace
Borrebæk, Ola Senior Engineer +47-22857706 technical expertise, physics research, management
Bosnjak, Dalibor Adviser +47-22856550
Breiby, Bente Amalie Head Engineer +47-22856134
Picture of Frode Bremnes Bremnes, Frode Senior Adviser +47-22857241
Picture of Efim Brondz Brondz, Efim Senior Engineer +47-22855639
Picture of Eskil Brun Brun, Eskil Senior Engineer +47-22852436 +47-90625406 Linux
Picture of Wenche Brynildsen Brynildsen, Wenche Adviser +47-22858333
Picture of Åslaug Brynildsen Brynildsen, Åslaug Adviser +47-22845592 +47-98661799 Communication, Web editor, Research communication, Press contact, Social media, Photo, Video