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Persons 176 - 200 of 400
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Leif Harald Karlsen Karlsen, Leif Harald Senior Lecturer
Picture of Ole Bjørn Karlsen Karlsen, Ole Bjørn Senior Engineer +47-22840669
Karpen, Lucy Head Engineer 98021088 +47 98021088 User support, User administration, Local IT support, Servers and operating services
Picture of Jørgen Kirksæther Kirksæther, Jørgen Senior Adviser +47-22855618 Research support, Project management, International cooperation, EU
Picture of Helge Engeseth Kleivane Kleivane, Helge Engeseth Adviser +47-22859844 +47-48224075
Picture of Tove Klungervik Klungervik, Tove Head Engineer +47-22854650
Knatterød, Sissel Senior Executive Officer +47-22854358 +47-90856877
Picture of Kristine Aall S. Knudsen Knudsen, Kristine Aall S. Head of Office +47-22851480
Picture of Terje Knudsen Knudsen, Terje Senior Engineer +47-22852748 +47-93023847
Picture of Trine-Lise  Knudsen Gørbitz Knudsen Gørbitz , Trine-Lise Administrative leader, CEED +47-22856435
Picture of Hilde Zwaig Kolstad Kolstad, Hilde Zwaig Communications advisor +47 48 08 58 43
Picture of Mari Ulvestad Komnæs Komnæs, Mari Ulvestad Higher Executive Officer +47-22852926
Kompova, Radmila Senior Engineer ELIXIR Oslo
Picture of Solveig  Kristensen Kristensen, Solveig Vice Dean for Research, Professor +47-22854218 +47-40286574
Kristiansen, Bård On leave Local IT support, User administration, Servers and operating services, User support
Kristiansen, Matias Apprentice +47-22856740
Kristiansen, Simen Principal Engineer +47-22856013
Picture of Magnus Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Magnus Senior Engineer +47-22858187
Picture of Tore Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Tore Senior Engineer +47-22852894 Windows
Picture of Per Olav Kvernberg Kvernberg, Per Olav Head Engineer +47-22855418 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Terje Kvernes Kvernes, Terje Senior Engineer +47-22855802 +47-41573210 Local IT support, User administration, Servers and operating services, User support
Picture of Kari Kveseth Kveseth, Kari +47-22855698 +4793228148 932 28 148
Picture of Olav Stanly Kyrvestad Kyrvestad, Olav Stanly Senior Engineer +47-22852412 +47-93401045 Electronics, Nanoelectronics and robotics, CAD, Purchasing, IT support for research, HES, IT support for education
Picture of Berit Kaasa Kaasa, Berit Senior Engineer +47-22854554
Picture of Tino Lamprecht Lamprecht, Tino Higher Executive Officer +47-22856945