PhD completion seminar

The PhD completion seminars are offered to PhD candidates at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to support them in their final stage of the PhD. At this seminar you will get help and practical tips on writing the popular scientific summary and preparing for and executing the trial lecture and defence.  

The seminars have limited intake capacity, and priority will be given to PhD candidates who have already submitted their thesis.

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Part I: PopSci Workshop

Get tips from communication staff on how to write a popular scientific summary of your thesis that the public (and future employers) understand. You can also use it to raise awareness of your accomplishments on LinkedIn and other platforms.

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Part II: Prep the Doc

The seminar aims at preparing you for the trial lecture and defence giving some tips on how to better manage the build of stress. Getting some tips from a PhD and a former committee member may help you to defuse the situation. 

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