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Submission and printing

You must apply to the faculty for assessment of the thesis no later than three months before the planned public defence.


The application for assessment of the thesis must be submitted to the department you have been admitted to. The educational component must be completed and passed in its entirety before you can apply.

The following must be included with your application:

  • three copies of the thesis or an electronic file
  • co-author declarations for articles with more than one author
  • documentation  that the necessary permits and declarations of impartiality have been obtained
  • confirmation that the educational component has been completed and passed
  • the main supervisor’s recommendation to members of the adjudication committee
  • the declarations of independence for the members of the adjudication committee
  • the PhD candidate’s remarks on the composition of the adjudication committee, where applicable

The department will inform the PhD candidate of the composition of the adjudication committee.


Popular scientific summary

A popular scientific summary must be submitted to the department no later than 5 weeks before the public defence. This summary will be used in the announcement of your PhD defence and trial lecture at the faculty webpages. 


Printing of the thesis

List of errata

The thesis must be printed as it was at the time of submission unless the Faculty has approved a revision of the thesis proposed by the assessment committee. This means that there are limited opportunities for making changes to the thesis before printing. Only formal changes of a technical nature, such as orthographic errors, punctuation errors and missing or superfluous references are permitted. Changes that affect the meaning of the thesis will not be accepted.

After submission, the PhD candidate can apply for permission to correct formal errors in the thesis. The application must include a complete overview of the relevant errors. An application to correct formal errors (list of errata) must be submitted to the department no later than six weeks before the public defence of the thesis.


UiO has signed a printing agreement with the University Print Centre. The University Print Centre recommends that the entire thesis is submitted as a PDF file. For technical questions regarding printing, contact The University Print Centre directly by telephone or e-mail. Advice on manuscript layout is available from the publisher. The department will cover the cost of printing at least 40 copies of the thesis. The thesis must be available at least 14 days prior to the public defence, and copies need to be distributed during the defence.

PhD theses that originate from the faculty have a standard format and cover, as well as a unique serial number (ISBN). The cover is standardized in accordance with UiO’s graphical profile.

Printing takes six working days after the files have been sent to print. During the peak season, printing may take somewhat longer. See detailed information about printing the thesis on the University Print Centre’s website

Digital research archive at UiO (DUO)

If desirable, the PhD candidate can publish the thesis digitally in DUO - Digital research archive at UiO.

The purpose of DUO is to create an effective system of academic communication on a par with the fundamental objectives of research, and the broadest possible dissemination of research findings. Publishing in the DUO research archive helps to profile PhD candidates and their research in national and international research communities. The thesis is archived in DUO and will be accessible via a permanent URL.

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