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Assessor’s assessment of Master’s projects

For each point, the Assessor evaluates the candidate’s attainment of the following goals:

Theoretical insight:

Has the candidate generated important elements/problems relevant to the project? Does the candidate use relevant resources (databases, etc.) to acquire current and applicable literature and background material for the work?

Skill level:

Does the candidate master relevant methods and use these in the project work in an applicable and integrated manner?

Working methods:

Does the candidate demonstrate an ability to work in a planned and methodical manner?


Does the candidate demonstrate a high degree of effort and motivation?

Degree of independence:

Is the candidate able to work and use relevant methods in an independent manner, and conduct an independent research or development project under supervision? Does the candidate show personal initiative? What type of help and supervision has the candidate received during the different phases of the work? Is the candidate able to draw on the expertise of the research group and apply this to his/her own work?

Project result:

Does the work demonstrate creativity and/or contribute to new thinking/creativity? Does the work appear to be particularly extensive or comprehensive?


A pre-requisite for assessment is that the work is submitted within the defined timeframe.

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