Quality of education

Help us improve: In the same way that we evaluate your performance during your studies and give you marks, we ask you to evaluate your courses and study programme. Tell us what you think of the courses on offer!

Evaluations of courses and study programmes give students the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest improvements to courses and study programmes. The evaluations are part of the University’s systematic work to improve the quality of education for yourself and future students.

During your studies you will therefore be asked to participate in evaluations of the study programme you have been admitted to and the courses you are taking.

Study programme evaluation

The evaluation of the study programme gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on what you think of the study programme as a whole.

You may be asked to participate in several evaluations during your studies, and it is important that you participate every time.

During the different evaluations, you will be asked to answer questions on a variety of aspects, such as:

  • whether the study programme meets your expectations when you applied
  • what you think about the courses offered
  • the opportunities for student exchanges abroad
  • relevance to working life, etc.

Your answers will help make the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences a better place for you and future students to study.

Course evaluation

Every time you take a course, you will be asked to evaluate the course during the semester – interim evaluation. You will occasionally be asked to participate in an evaluation after teaching and examinations have been completed  – periodic evaluation.

  • Interim evaluationstake place about half-way through the semester every time the course is held. There are many forms of evaluation. The purpose is to allow you to state your opinion about the teaching arrangements and syllabus, also in regard to the information about the course when you chose it, the course's relevance to the study programme, the quality of the syllabus and teaching, etc. Interim evaluations do not result in a written report.
  • A periodic evaluation is always conducted the first and second time a course is held, and later every four years. This is a more thorough final evaluation of the course and is conducted after the teaching and examinations have been completed. The course coordinator will write a report that incorporates the students' feedback in the report.
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