Courses in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Your safety is important to us.This is why we offer courses in HSE to all our science and technology students.

All students should have a safe working environment. The HSE courses offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are designed to create a safety culture and ensure that our teaching and research are conducted in a safe manner. We want to prevent accidents, limit the damage if there is an accident and help you as a student to succeed in your studies and in life.

From the autumn semester 2015 we offer the following HSE courses:

The courses HMS0501-HMS0506 are offered as eLearning courses. HMS0507 Fire Safety consists of a lecture and a practical exercise.

Which HSE courses that you will be required to take depends on your programme of study and the courses you are enrolled in. You will need to check the course description/program page for your courses/program to see which courses are compulsory for you. You can access the eLearning from the course descriptions.

You will not be exempt from the HSE courses if you have taken HSE courses previously at another institution. The courses offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are specific to the University of Oslo.

If you need help with how you do the online courses, you can watch this instruction video.

Transitional Arrangements

If you are required to complete HSE courses, either as program or course requirement, and you have completed the "old" courses, you will not have to complete the new courses. You also do not need make an application to be exempt from the courses.

For existing student with who has completed some or all of the HSE courses prior to the autumn semester 2015, the following applies:

MNHMS0015 Introduction to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

To pass MNHMS0015 you will have to enrol and pass the equivalent new course(s) that replace(s) what you have not completed in MNHMS0015.

MNHMS0015 - HSE-system at UiO HMS0501 – Safety and Physical Environment HMS0502 – Positive Learning Environment
MNHMS0015 - Fire Safety HMS0507 – Fire Safety  
MNHMS0015 - First Aid Discontinued  
  • From the autumn semester 2015 first aid will no longer be offered. If you have not completed the first aid course as part of MNHMS0015 – Introduction to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) (discontinued), you will not be required to complete first aid to pass MNHMS0015. Contact if this is the case for you.
  • If you have not complete some of the other components of MNHMS0015, check the table above to see which of the new courses you will have to complete. You will have to register for the course in StudentWeb. When you have passed the courses you, contact to have the courses registered towards MNHMS0015.

MNHMS0010LS Introduction to Laboratory Safety (discontinued) and MNHMS0020LS In-depth Laboratory Safety (discontinued)

MNHMS0015FS Introduction to Field Safety

MNHMS0015ES Introduction to Electricity Safety

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