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General information for master's students at MN

Master's agreement and information about the form

Form for sending in your study plan agreement

Form for sending in changes to your study plan agreement

Below we have collected some useful information that we recommend everyone to read before filling out the master's agreement.

  • It is important that you read the relevant information for your study program before submitting the master's agreement.
  • You should prepare all necessary documentation before you start filling out the agreement. As far as it is possible, we recommend that you upload text files, project descriptions etc. as a pdf-file.
  • Contact your local studies administration if you have questions about filling of the agreement. 

Templates for the master's thesis

Standardized template for print

The University Graphic Centre requires the use of a standardized template if you wish to print your master's thesis. If you wish to have your thesis printed you should therefore consider using one of the standardized templates both for the version you submit digitally and the one you hand in for print. 

More information regarding print and templates at The University Graphic Centre 

Templates from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Rules and regulations

In Regulations concerning courses, course groups and degrees at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences you will find the formal requirements that apply to studies at the master's programmes at the MN faculty. 

Chapter 4 provides the framework for guidance, information about the theoretical syllabus for the degree, the master's thesis and the study plan agreement and the education plan. In chapter 5, you will find information for students who have been admitted to the Lecturer's programme and is to take the specialization in science. 

Regulations concerning courses, course groups and degrees at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Use of sources and citation

All academic writing is built on the work of others. By using a source you acknowledge its author, you place your work in an academic context and you help the readers of your work find the sources you have used. Additionally, you demonstrate scientific honesty. Correct use of sources is vital for any master's thesis. It shows that you have a grasp of the central scientific sources of your field, it ensures that the reader and examiner can relocate the sources you have used. Proper use of sources will also ensure that you are not caught plagiarizing. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules for correct use of citations. If you break the rules, you may be suspected of attempted cheating. 

You can read more about the use of sources here: 

Assessor's assessment

The master's thesis is assessed according to a set of different criteria. Open the link to see an overview of the most important criteria that the examiners use when assessing your thesis

Publication of the master's thesis

After your master's thesis has been registered and uploaded in StudentWeb, it is transferred to DUO research archive where it will be filed. By agreeing to open access, your thesis becomes available in DUO when the exam is passed and the deadline for filing complaints has run out. 

Read more about what happens after you have submitted your thesis


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