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Do you need someone to talk to? The corona pandemic is causing a new and strange study situation that can be challenging. Get in touch with us by phone, Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Our student counsellors Ilan and Linda.
As a student at the MN Faculty, you can get a private conversation with our experienced counsellors Ilan Dehli Villanger and Linda Therese Sørensen Westgaard. Photo: Hilde Omberg/UiO.

Contact Ilan on 975 79 295 or Linda on 452 62 038.

Please note that ordinary ForVei-sessions on Blindern are not possible at the moment. You may use our booking system below to book an online ForVei conversation on Zoom.

ForVei is a personal counselling program for all students admitted to a study program at the MN Faculty. Our main goal is for you to enjoy being a student at our faculty and to acquire a sense of achievement.

What is ForVei?

  • ForVei is an offer of a personal, preparatory counselling session for all students at the MN Faculty.
  • The session topic is your life as a student at UiO. You can talk about whatever is on your mind, whether it be positive experiences or various challenges that you are facing as a student.
  • We invite you to a counselling session during your second semester. 

You get

  • to meet a skilled counsellor
  • an opportunity to share and process both positive and negative experiences you’ve had as a student
  • to become better acquainted with your inner strengths and obstacles
  • an opportunity for tips and advice on study techniques, time planning and how to master student life, among other things

Our counsellors

Book a counselling session

Our office is located in Fysikkbygningen, east wing, 4th floor. Follow the signs.

"ForVei" is an abbreviation of "forberedende veiledning for studenter ved fakultetets studieprogrammer [preparatory counselling for students belonging to the faculty's study programmes]".

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