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Student user support for home exams

Here you will find the single point of contact for questions related to your home exam.

Single point of contact

The single point of contact (web form) is first and foremost meant for technical or administrative questions. If you have questions for the teacher related to the exam tasks you should wait for the "trøsterunde" if possible. See your semester page or Canvas for information on how the "trøsterunde" is organized. Because of the corona situation, the MN faculty receives a large amount of inquiries, and we ask you to use the form below with caution. We will forward all questions to the right recipient as fast as we can, but we can not guarantee that your questions will be answered. Before submitting, you must be sure to check the following:

Student questions during home exams, fall 2020, The MN Faculty (web form, opening hours 08:30–19:30)  

Important messages

Important messages during the home exam will be posted on the course's semester page. Therefore, it is important that you check the semester page regularly during the exam. The messages during the exam can also be given in Canvas if your course uses Canvas. 

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