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HSE training FAI

All employees are obliged to follow the HSE routines and to undergo HSE training as outlined below. Depending on your professional role at the department there are several compulsory courses to pass. In general all employees are obliged to keep themselves updated within the HSE area relevant of one’s position.

Immediate superiors have the responsibility for ensuring that the relevant HSE routines are known and respected. The immediate superior also has the responsibility for ensuring that the necessary training is fulfilled and documented. Unit for HSE provides annually basic training in HSE. The compulsory HSE training is outlined below.

Students are obliged to undergo the online HSE training and all MSc-students are obliged to undergo the online laboratory safety course before entering the laboratory.

Outline of the HSE training at FAI

The training should be documented by the signed HSE training form, see right menu.

1. Compulsory for all employees at FAI

2. Compulsory for those working in a laboratory

1. Compulsory for all employees at FAI:

1.1. Contingency preparedness plan

Know where to find the plan, as well as read the plan for UiO and for FAI (Norwegian pending English version).

1.2. HSE organisation at FAI*

Know the HSE organisation at FAI: The management group, HSE coordinator, safety representatives, LAMU, floor responsible of fire safety, radiation protection representative.

1.3. Fire Safety*

See infomercial about fire safety, so far in Norwegian only so immediate superior is responsible for translating while watching the film, as well as pointing out emergency exits, alarms, Fire extinguisher etc close to the work area.
Read the general fire instructions and the contact information of the safety representatives.

1.4. Speak up!*

Read about how to report censurable conditions and HSE deviations, as well as how to notify the caretaker service.

1.5. HSE system at UiO and FAI*

Know how and where to find necessary information in the HSE system at UiO, MN and FAI. Read what is relevant for your position at the Department.

1.6. Online course in safety and physical environment

Complete the online course HMS0501 Safety and physical environment.

2. Compulsory for those working at the laboratory:

2.1. Laboratory safety*

Training in laboratory safety is important and should be customized relevant to the tasks that will be carried out in the laboratory, including routines and procedures. See HSE in the laboratory (Norwegian).
Complete online course in handling of chemicals and gas.

2.2. Online course in laboratory safety

Complete the course HMS0503 Laboratory safety.

2.3. Chemical Inventory*

UiO uses EcoOnline as the Chemical Inventory Management System and online access to safety data sheets, see Procedure for chemical inventory. The section responsible person for EcoOnline will give the necessary introduction to the online system.

2.4. Compulsory HSE courses

HSE coordinator at FAI has made a compiled list of the HSE courses compulsory to employees at FAI that will undertake laboratory work.

2.5. GMO

(HSE information on GMO is pending).

2.6. Waste disposal*

Know where to find, as well as read the routines and procedures regarding waste disposal.

*Applies to master students and exchange students as well.

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