Our history

The aim at the start of the group (2005) was to develop liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS) based diagnostic tools to improve diagnosis and treatment follow-up of cancer patients, i.e. to bring MS and the clinic closer together.

In 2005 the interest in using LC-MS in targeted determination of protein biomarkers was increasing, and the advantages of using LC-MS instead of, or as a supplement to immunoassays was revealed.

Our background, and hence our approaches, are within the field of analytical chemistry and the scientific focus was on sample preparation strategies and determination of proteins (biomarkers) in complex biological samples using mass spectrometry (MS).

During the years this has evolved and we are now focusing on the aspects of both sampling and sample preparation of proteins (biomarkers as well as drug targets and biopharmaceuticals) in biological matrices prior to MS detection.

We currently have two project portfolios:

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